What we do

What we do

Our projects range from high-level advice on a specific issue or challenge to managing extensive programmes of change. We focus on:

  • Assessing the strategic environment and providing high-level insight into opportunities and risks.
  • Helping you to plan for change, through our extensive knowledge of current issues and key players in the education, technology and government sectors.
  • Reviewing your current situation, processes and systems to recommend approaches that take advantage of changing technology and better meet your needs.
  • Advising on how new initiatives you are planning or undertaking align with Government policy, and how to influence future policy directions.
  • Managing or advising on all aspects of business or systems change, drawing on our leadership and management experience in a wide range of organisations as well as formal project management methodologies.

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About the mountain

Mt Arthur and The Twins

Our logo is the skyline of Mt Arthur and The Twins, which we can see from our house in Tasman Bay. It reflects what we value about New Zealand: the country we've chosen to live and work in, and the land from which we draw our inspiration.

At the same time, it symbolises what we aim to achieve for our clients. We seek to scan the horizon and introduce our clients to fresh perspectives.

From the top of the mountain we can see things differently, helping our clients navigate the next set of opportunities and challenges they encounter.