Online learning

We work with organisations that are looking for new ways to excite and engage students or employees, harnessing the latest educational technology.

Drawing on our unique combination of education and technology expertise we:

  • help you to understand the education and technology landscape including the role of different organisations and the latest thinking and research in teaching and learning
  • help you to establish an overall vision or strategy for the use of online learning, define learning needs, understand the range of technology and education products and services on offer and what they can do
  • provide a procurement service, helping define your requirements, go to market and select a learning management system or supplier of educational content and services
  • help with implementation – working on your behalf with suppliers (technology companies and education content/service providers) to design or adapt learning systems.

About the mountain

Mt Arthur and The Twins

Our logo is the skyline of Mt Arthur and The Twins, which we can see from our house in Tasman Bay. It reflects what we value about New Zealand: the country we've chosen to live and work in, and the land from which we draw our inspiration.

At the same time, it symbolises what we aim to achieve for our clients. We seek to scan the horizon and introduce our clients to fresh perspectives.

From the top of the mountain we can see things differently, helping our clients navigate the next set of opportunities and challenges they encounter.